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Costa Embroidery Service


Measuring Pegs

Length 15 foot

Price £6.00  Code B6010

Henselite Steel Measure

Length 6 foot

Price £20.00  Code H5210

Henselite Clubhawk Gold ABS

Length 6 foot

Price £20.00  Code H5214

6” Calliper Measure

Steel 6” callipers.

Price £15.00  Code B6160

Mycoal Tea Bag Handwarmer

Pack of two

Price £2.50  Code B6165

Stretch Polishing Sleeve

Price £5.00  Code B6325

Crack-A-Jack Polish

Bowls grip & polish in one.

Price £7.00  Code B6378

Betts Bowls Grip

Bowls grip.

Price £5.00  Code B6379

Grippit Cloth

No mess grip enhancer for the strongest, cleanest control of your bowl.


Price £5.00  Code T495

Synthetic Bowls Glove

White Synthetic Bowling Glove.

Price £12.00  Code B7343

Grippo Tube

The biggest selling bowls polish in the world. Aids with with grip, easy to apply,convenient screw cap.

Price £6.00  Code H081

Bulldog Grip

Clean, convenient to use. Store it in your pocket whilst bowling, keeps hands dry and allows for a  smooth controlled delivery. Ideal for wet weather.

Price £6.00  Code H082

Rubber Bowls Wedges

Set of four

Price £6.00  Code B6003

De-Luxe Chamois

Super absorbent, complete with storage container.

Price £7.00  Code B6315

Bowls Sheen - cleaner

Specially made for composition bowls.

Price £8.00  Code B6380

Rigid Cardholder

Available in Red, Green or Blue.

Price £5.00  Code B6390

Large Leather Cardholder

Price £12.00  Code H115

Bowls and Jack Lifter

Steel construction one piece collapsible lifter.

Price £24.00  Code B6513

Feeler Gauges

Blade feeler gauge set.

Price £6.00  Code B6154

Folding Walking Stick in carry case

Bowlers folding walking stick with green protector.

Price £24.00  Code B6503

Walking Stick Base

For 18 or 22 mm ferules.

Price £16.00  Code B6502

Leather Accessory Pouch

Fits on the waist band of either trousers or skirts.

Price £8.00  Code B6480

Spray Chalk

A spray for marking “touchers”. White only.

Price £5.00  Code B6475

Handy Pocket Cardholder

Price 6.00 EUROS Code HPC

Two Wood Bowls Bag

With divider for the bowls.

Price 10.00 EUROS Code TWB